Claw Pilot Gets Shot Down – And Loves It!


“I love every minute of this job,” said a Claw pilot arrested in the Tulagi combat region after his plane was shot down. The B-17 was flying crullers and French twists to Fletcher’s Field when a fighter dove from the sun and hit two of his engines. “1 and 2 were out before I could say ‘icing on an old fashioned’,” said the pilot, “but that ZSK bird is such a pleasure to fly, even with two smoking engines and a major pull to the left it was like riding on clouds.”

“Black clouds,” retorted a Coastal Patrol member who had the pilot in custody.

The Claw pilot shook his head at the CP member. “Say what you like, but I love this job. And you gotta ask yourself, what are they gonna eat at Fletcher Field now?”

1 comment
  1. HitCorp International has stepped up to continue food shipments to Fletcher. The food is, we are pleased to announce, legally purchased and cooked by Company chefs

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