It Began With a Wager


Retro travelers and anomaly adventurers have been taking not of the French Line, a luxury cruise line traveling through the Blake Sea. We provide “luxury cruises for people who wish to take the sea route to places such as Hona Lee Surf, Nautilius, Second Norway among others,” said François Crépin-Jaujard (franck.gazov), CEO of the French Line.

“It’s good for travel or 1930’s to 1960’s role-playing,” said Anomaly Travel Inc., a company promoting the line. “You can see a video on it if you’re interested (link)

FrenchLine2 “The most interesting aspect of the company is that it began as a wager,” said a WBA staffer we spoke to. “The company has three CEOs and they made a wager on who takes the most important passenger. They formed the luxury line the next day.”

Two of the three CEOs are pictured here in the Second Norway office.

The French Line can be seen and departs from Second Norway (link). Travelers are welcome to book travel through their office or formal requests.

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