SOCL Goes Deep, And Comes Back!


SOCL, the Secret Order of the Crested Lotus, has released some information from their expeditions around the world along with the chart at right.

The chart has accompanying notes, listing the Sutherland Abyss, with a depth of 2 and a water level of 80, and its connected inland waterways (Gorcey) as the deepest known point in the world. (link)

It then compares the surprisingly deep area of Duck, with a depth of 3 and a water level of 80, which is also home to the VCG Training Center (link). Interestingly, the shipping channel of East River is only measured at 13m (water level 20, depth 7), though the river mouth at the Sea of Fables is 19m.

The most shocking part of the report is “Location X,” a place they believe exceeds 80 meters deep and is yet to be discovered.

“We hope people will reply to this article with new leads,” said a SOCL spokesperson. “Discovery is everybody’s job.”

Also mentioned are the wreck in Atlas, currently home to the Hannington House Arts Foundation Summer Exhibition is at the lowest point 3, with a water level of 34 (link), and several other data points including Nautilus Canal (depth 10m (sea floor at 10m)), Baku (link), and Cayman (link).


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