Reprint: Abyss & Science News #90

Abyss & Science News #90
アビス&サイエンスニュース#90 (日本語が後にあります)
20 Aug, 2016
Topic 1: Reminder of “Science in the News: Exciting Things Are Happening!”
by: Vic Michalak/ Phil Youngblood on 20 Aug (Sat) at 6 and 10 am PDT at 􀀁
Detail Info: 􀀂

Topic 2: Teacher Training Project 2nd Workshop

We are working on Teacher Training Project for appealing benefits of education using SL, reducing technical difficulties and sharing educational destinations, tools, lesson plans and experiences. We’ll have 2nd workshop of the project as follows;

– Title: “Designing Teacher Training for the Use of Virtual Worlds in K-12 Education”
by Kevin Oh and Natalie Nussli
– Date: 23 Aug (Tue) 8 am PDT/ 24:00 Japan Time
– Location: Teacher Training Demo Area at The Science Circle

– Summary:
In our presentation, we will talk about the teacher training workshops that we have offered in the past four years. Our goal is to enable teachers to make informed decisions about the usefulness and classroom applicability of virtual worlds with a view to their own (future) classes.
Based on the participating teachers (both general and special education pre- and in-service teachers), we have developed recommendations for the design of virtual worlds teacher training.
We will talk about the challenges that the participating teachers have identified during their in-world experiences and field trips to various educational regions in Second Life.

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トピック1:サイエンスサークル・セミナー「ニュースの中の科学: エクサイティングなことが起こっている!」
Vic Michalak、8/20(土)22時~、􀀁


場所:The Science Circleの先生の訓練プロジェクト・デモエリア


Abyss Group Information:
In English: 􀀄
In Japanese: 􀀃

You will be able to get them from the information post nearby the landing point at Farwell.
アビス海文台ニュースのバックナンバーご 希望の方は、Farwellの到着点そばのインフォポストから入手できます。

This news is a update information of ”Abyss Observatory”, ”the Modern Museum” and ”the Education Portal” (􀀆).
This send to visitors who visited one of our museums. If you don’t need this news, please send IM Yan Lauria “no”.
これは私たちの施設のいずれかを訪れた訪問者にお送りします。必要ない方はYan Lauria宛に「不要」とIMしてください。

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