QI Honcho Returns to Limelight, Swears It’s In the Visible Spectrum

Quandry Industries honcho, Bash Quandry, has returned to the company’s headquarters and is rumored to have “given a shot in the arm” to the engineering staff.

“The @#&$*& gave me a shot in the arm,” exclaimed one engineer we spoke to. “He’s a menace!” Said another engineer who was given a shot.

“I thought it was very funny,” said a maintenance worker who witnessed the event.

To celebrate his return QI is holding a 50% Sale until September 15th at Insilico and BBI. From the man himself:

“Good news everyone. I’ll be on more regularly, and by the end of the year I hope to have new projects in the works. To celebrate this momentous event (and to motivate me) QI is having an inworld 50% Comeback Sale at Insilico and BBI. Some older stations will be discontinued after this sale so if you ever wanted them, get ’em now.

If you bought something since 8/1 let me know and you will get a 50% store credit.
“A wise man once said that a wise man once said” –A Wise man

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