New FM Store Coincides With New Release Push


Correction: The land is actually closer to Nautilus, in the Dire Strait inland sea. The link below is accurate.

Coinciding with a revitalized effort to release products, Feral Marine has secured land in the Blake Sea for test drives and beach cocktails. The land in Tschotchke (link) has already become a stop for the VLC, who have nicknamed it “the best daiquiri in the Blake.”

  1. orcaflotta said:

    Reblogged this on Thar She Blows! and commented:
    Only reason why I’m reblogging this post from Waterbank News via ZZ’s blog is to tell you to not fall for false advertising. Because not even with a lot of goodwill, a generous amount of tolerance and heaps of sloppy definitions, is Tschotcke a part of the Blake Sea. Not even remotely!

    How do I know? Because Blake Sea sims are all names ‘Blake Sea xxx’. That’s the official nomenclature for Blake Sea sims. Not even the directly connected private estates Sailors Cove, USS, SLNE, Second Norway et al. must to be called Blake Sea sims.

    If you must know: Tschotcke is part of Dire Strait inland sea, and as such Nautilus proper.

    Hey, it’s indeed a much more desirable location than Blake anyway.

    • Thank you Orcaflotta for the correction! Our reporter must have wanted to distance the subject of the report with “Dire Straits” ;p

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