Feral Marine Shipyards Blows Work Horns Again, East River Rejoices


Feral Marine, the industrial keystone of the southern East River (nicknamed Sou’er), is back in full swing with a landmark deal with Rubber Bunny (RBNN) and several new developments on a long list of projects.

FM is one of the few manufacturers that the WBA has fully endorsed. “We have a good relationship with the company and have inspected 99% of their products and verified them. 100% original work,” WBA President Sketch Sun said.

Their official statement from CEO Chia is after the jump:

Feral Marine is back in the office after a nice vacation.
As the owner of Feral Marine I decided to take the Horizon and go cruising. I had so much fun that I decided to keep going. I saw a lot of beautiful places and got inspired for some new boat designs from some of the things I saw.
Now we are all back in the office and ready to go!

We have just penned a deal with boat manufacturer Rubber Bunny. Their engineering department has provided us with some new propulsion technology. We are currently in the final stages of installation and tuning of this new technology into our newest products! Visit the store often as you never know what you will see going on there. right now the Marlin from Rubber Bunny can be seen floating there. Make sure you come by and see it. We have a sales board installed for the boat. We have been impressed by this small catamaran!


MLB – Niosaki systems is having some issues with the state of the art engines that are going into this boat. They are telling me that they are working hard to get them sorted out. However, the issues are delaying the launch. Feral Marine and Niosaki Systems are committed to only launching boats once we are happy with the result. At this time there is no release date or time frame for launch for the MLB.


RB-L – Release this month
The first version of this boat will be the Dive Boat version.

RB-L – Patrol Versions – Release this month
TWO versions of this boat will be produced and both will come in the crate. One will be armed to the teeth. the other will not be armed at all.

RB-L – Fire Version – Release TBD
This will be the BIG sister to the Fire Cat. 6 water cannons putting out both HD and Tredpro fires.


There are a TON of boats in the “hopper” waiting to have engines installed. So, this list is not all inclusive. Also this list is NOT IN ANY ORDER.

Cat Cutter
CG Cruiser
Pleasure boat (https://gyazo.com/0377e0cb326cc9530a473637bf9d5962)
Trawler Pleasure boat
Tug Boat

As you can see Feral Marine is up to our eyeballs in work. So look forward to great things from Feral!

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