Posted Pic Petrifies Ports and People


This photo taken by a Vulture Air helicopter pilot terrified several island cities when it was posted on the AirPorn Forums.
The photo shows a ZSK B-17 painted in Claw colors flying low over the ocean.

“We freaked out,” said the sheriff of one of the islands. “The idea that the Claw has such a high performance vehicle as that scared us. We called the CP (Coastal Patrol) immediately!”

Unfortunately the all volunteer organization couldn’t help.

“They all had excuses,” complained a constable at Half Hitch. “‘I’ve got to drop my kid off at the zoo’,” he mocked, “‘my plane’s got a flat,’ ‘I’m all stomped out’. Every airfield we called had another reason not to intercept the bomber.”

The bomber only dropped its cargo at one place, according to a Claw spokesman. “The plane is oufitted to drop 500 pounds of doughnuts onto Spyglass Island. There is no cause for alarm.”

A WIA analyst we called for the story had a hard time containing her laughter. “The Coastal Patrol is probably afraid the of the 50s on the ZSK. But that’s not what’s crazy. The Claw is trying to win over the islands in Blake with doughnuts! They’re dropping 500 pounds of sugar onto an island with a population of 3!”


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