Search Widens For Cynx Transporter

Cynx, the company that has been creating advanced automated systems, has widened the search for a missing employee. According to a Cynx press release:

On June 14th, 2016, one of the interns of Cynx was instructed to deliver backup drives from the Bay City Heliport to the server centre of Cynx in Grouse. But the driver still hasn’t reached his destination even after several days. Investigations are still ongoing, but currently fruitless.
“Yeah, it may have been a bad idea to send an intern from Nautilus on this delivery task. Plus, the GPS wasn’t updated since 2004…”, said branch manager Aki Nostram.

“We take the safety of our employees very seriously!”, told us CEO Bizi Pfeffer. “Only last year we introduced new safety regulations like seat belts in all cars.”

This is the first disappearance of a Cynx employee since 2014, when a small executive plane crash landed on a small island in the Nautilus region. All passengers remained unscathed and were rescued after half a day thanks to the SLCG.

A reward of 1500L$ for finding the truck has been offered by Cynx. “1000L$ if you find our delivery van, another 490L$ if the backup drives are also found and we’ll add another 10L$ if you happen to find the intern too”, Aki Nostram explained.


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