GridEx Purchases Decommissioned C-130s


Sources have confirmed that GridEx, the parcel delivery arm of the Salvage Transport and Freight Union (STFU), has taken delivery of four C-130 Hercules transport planes decommissioned from the military of the former Undine State. With the instability in that region, and the breakdown and collapse of the Undine economy, the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Dave Gaffer

Dave Gaffer, that dirty rat!

“They were dirt cheap,” Gaffer said, laughing. “It was like a fire sale or something.” The aircraft have been refurbished and repainted with a simple paint scheme for now, white hull with purple wingtips and tail. Though not as much cargo capacity as the 727-100C, the C-130 will allow GridEx to move substantially more cargo into tight spaces and shorter runways.

“We’ll even be able to do cargo drops from the air, something most civilian carriers can’t match. Beat that, DHL!” said Gaffer, proudly.

No set date for the C-130s to begin active duty in the GridEx stable, however one has been spotted in the Blake Sea on trials this week. The new planes will spearhead GridEx’s new “Custom Critical” service for specializeed and expedited cargo shipping. “Custom Critical. A great way to Get the Freight Out.”

((Editor’s Note: I hope Aeon has a sense of humor… ))

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