Airfield Catnip Raid Falls Flat

This is an article from the East River Associated Press (ERAP), by Xi Larnia:

The snowed in airfield of Anton (link) is an SLCG post and one of the few airfields with a medical clinic.

A daring before dawn raid on the airstrip in Anton yielded no catnip today.. With Sirens blaring and the PA system pumping out “ride of the Valkyries”, Six S&W NH-90c helicopters from the Second Life Investigative Police Services (SLIPS) attempted a surprise raid on the Airstrip and Coast Guard Station in the Anton region this morning.

Captain Nakamura was stunned to find nothing. “it’s like they knew we were coming. The place was spotless. I knew the Coast Guard ran a highly polished ship, but you could eat off of that runway, it was so clean”.

Captain Nakamura was quick to add that the Catnip Smugglers can’t hide forever. “We will catch them, it’s just a matter of time.”

The SLCG declined to comment on this story, only issuing a press release that no cats are currently stationed at Anton or have been in the recent past.

Waterbank News Note:
Anton Field was one of the sites of the 2013 SLGF Sansara Race (see below picture), which is rumored to be started again in 2017. Allegations of catnip abuse have tarnished the race.



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