Claw Attack in Blackslough!

ClawFlight7301 A stock photo of the Claw near Blackslough, East River Community.

Xi Larnia, local pilot, was almost forced down overnight by the Claw while flying over the sea of Fables in her S-300 Helicopter. Working for the Aeromiao/Cargomiao airline and transport company, she was flying in a package from Rivers Bend Airstrip, an older airport close to the snowlands .

“It’s no hive of scum and villiany” Ms. Larnia was quoted as saying, “But some shady folk do hang around that old airfield.” She was also quick to add that “All I was transporting was five parcels of medicinal grade catnip, perfectly legal stuff.”

Xi went on to thank her years of experience with the Coast Guard for allowing her to escape unharmed. “They came in with one of those big ex-soviet helicopters. While they are good for moving things, they are not too good at maneuvering in tight spaces. I hit the deck to a wave height skimming altitude and lost them by cutting my lights as I flew through the chasms on Baffin Island. The little S-300 was in it’s element there, Sal Fireguard builds a good helicopter.”

It is assumed that the Claw Helicopter returned to base empty handed, Even though it has not been seen since, all pilots flying in and out of East River International and the neighboring airports are advised to keep an eye out for increased Claw activities.

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