THI Reenters the World of Vice

THI, the aircraft manufacturer that specializes in historic recreations has issued a statement (after the jump) saying that it will add VICE functionality to its aircraft while maintaining the popular and growing platform MCE.

For the official statement and news of releases, click the jump:

Official Statement:

Ladies and Gentlemen, Valued customers, having looked over sales number of the last few products, it has become clear that the current THI Policy of using MCE exclusively for combat has caused sales to attenuate. Our new push to produce higher quality warbirds I would have thought would increase sales, but the MCE exclusivity has relegated them to only for collectors. My antipathy to VICE was based upon several widely distributed hacks such as “the Hand of Nike”, other hacks available on Marketplace, and the poor sportsmanship generated by the win at all costs attitude on many combat environments that make such cheats popular and profitable.

However VICE is still the most widely distributed combat system, and by abandoning it, apparently it has limited our market. I don’t want to quit Second Life, but I cannot support my involvement at a loss either, so we will be putting VICE into our current line of aircraft, as well as continuing with MCE.

THI has always been a team effort, but as the owner of the brand, I have made the decision to move forward and directed that Aeon and Tank, and any other scripters are to make VICE versions of the current and future THI Warbirds.

The VICE installation will be as vanilla as can be reasonably managed. Certain modifications may be necessary for bomber turrets, gunnery stations, and some mixed weaponry.

The primary product will be MCE, and the VICE product will be a “port” of the MCE version, as close as we can get it, within the restrictions of standard VICE. However the VICE product will be included in the MCE release, so for instance you will have a BF-109(MCE), and a BF-109(VICE), in the same release (along with the Display model).

Planned for immediate release are the BF-109 Family, The P-39, and the Kawasaki family (Ki-61/ 100). The multi seaters (the BF-110, and the Ju-87 Family), will take more time to test and figure out, but should not take too much more time. Future releases will be MCE and VICE in the same box.

This now brings up the BF-109G VICE special edition. That was originally 10,000L. Well, now we are removing it from the vendors. Those of you who have purchased the special edition, will now receive the BF-109 FATPACK, as well as 5,000 Lindens in store credit. we have records of those sales, and we will be informing you personally in the days ahead.

Future releases will be MCE and VICE, for combat air craft. Future releases planned in the near term are the DeHavilland Mosquito, the Hawker Hurricane Family, and the Chance Vought Corsair Family. Past that, releases willbe based on judgement at the time. Non Combat and Civil Aircraft will be released as we see fit to.

Thank you for your past support, and I hope I can count on you for future support as well.

–Karl Reisman

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  1. Tom Resident said:

    Popular and growing… so funny !

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