Could a Crash Be Coming?

Investors at Hakuso are worried as record highs on the WSE are being topped every week. “ZSK’s broken 700, B of W over 1000, and Lusch went up 30 points in a single day. I like up, but when does the floor give out?” Worried an investor at Bank of Waterbank yesterday.

“It’s an irrational fear,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, “that the market will fall simply because it’s going up. The WSE isn’t based solely on the emotional state of traders. Jumps in stock value are directly linked to products and advancements in the market. When ZSK or Bandit Boats preps a product for release the price goes up, and when Feral Marine demos a new product they go up too.”

The Manager of Investment Accounts at Riverbank Bank agreed. “Yes, you do see some fluctuations with changes of confidence in some companies, but it is relative to the market. Allegations of theft or misdealings can drop a price, and some plucky companies with small products can catch investors eyes. For the most part, it is the value of products that drive the stock value.”

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