WN Sends Intern In for Undercover

Waterbank News has sent its intrepid intern undercover for an exclusive with the world’s most notorious criminal organization:

ClawBunkerNTBI A photo of a Claw pilot waiting for a ship to terrorize. The photo was secreted out by the intern using an old shoe.

Readers, if there’s one group that inspires terror and awe in the world, it’s the Claw. Tens of law enforcement agencies have tried to infiltrate it and almost everyone has tried to destroy it. But the Claw is bigger – and more clever than anyone could know.

When my editor told me about the assignment, the first thing I did was refuse. After talking with the other reporters, however, I began to see things differently. Motivated by “it’s either you or me,” they made sure I understood that none of them would be going on this assignment and if I knew what was good for me, I would. I guess it pays to be pals with the Sheriff too.

The editor arranged for me to fly from ERIA to an island in the Sea of Fables, where I waited on a beach for a sub. The editor “knew a guy who knew a guy, who had a friend who dated another guy’s sister in college who had a class with a guy that absolutely loves doughnuts and met a person in the Claw at a late night doughnut place.” Sounded weak to me, but the arrangement was made. I was to give their side of the story in exchange for access.


The sub picked me up on time – the Claw is very punctual I learned – and took me to lunch at an island in the Blake Sea. It was all a bit surreal, but as we munched on Hawaiian burgers and shakes, my contact, X, told me that not everything is as it seems.

“Yeah, it’s true that we can be kinda mean,” he told me, “but we’ve got our side of the story too. The Claw just wants order. An organized, efficient world. We began because we were tired of all the fractious cities, and small territories trying to push everyone around. These days, if you fly from one island to another you never know what you’ll get when you land.”

My contact went on to tell me how the Claw is organized, with its various arms all answering to a nebulous and all controlling cabal.

“Let’s say you want deep dish pizza from Harrison. All you need to do is call someone over at Procurement and poof! Two hours later you’re eating well.”
“And if you want a ship sunk?”
“Even easier! We are very efficient, and we are an equal opportunity employer. Not everyone is born to raid a ship in the open ocean. Some people are writers, and others are pilots. We have a place for everyone.”

My contact told me what she had in mind for my assignment. They would put me into one of their secret bases – she said that there are over thirty in the Blake Sea alone – to get a glimpse of what life was like. Many of the bases are underground bunkers, like the one made by Tredpro (link).


“We’ve got to be careful, after all. Especially now that the CP [Coastal Patrol] is so active. But don’t worry,” she patted my arm, “we’ve got something planned for them too.”

— This is the end of the first report.

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  1. I didn’t know Claw was German, but it seems to be: efficient and on time. They should have called themself ‘Kralle’ 😛

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