TTI Expands Operations

TTI1 Camp Poseidon, Two Tango Inc’s headquarters

Two Tangos Inc. has been making a name for themselves as a search and rescue outfit with a high degree of professionalism, and more recently, opening up new bases. Their recent joint operation with the VCG against the Prim Smugglers has earned them respect among others in their field.

“They can pull their own in a firefight,” said one source inside the VCG, “we are fighting back to back against the Prim Smugglers.”


WIA also has taken notice of the group, and a shipment of East River Chardonnay was sent to them in a publicized ERIA Cargo shipment.

“WIA almost never outsources, but when we do we choose one of the best. TTI meets our expectations.”

Headquartered in Jadu (link) with an operation base at Honah Lee Airfield, TTI is well situated for any number of emergency situations.


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