Harrison Blast Claims Rox Customers


An explosion at a Rox Oil station in Harrison City has sent several customers to the emergency room, one of which is still in recovery.

“We don’t know if they’ll make it,” said one HCPD officer off the record, “and we’re not sure who did this.”


The investigation of the incident is ongoing, and HCPD is asking people who know something to phone in. Speculation that this may have been attack by the Claw has been fueled by recent events at sea and the fear that the criminal organization would try to force local Harrison syndicates into submission.

“It’s something the Claw has done before,” explained our source at WIA. “They scare a local mafia into a tributary relationship and collect the loot. We don’t know of any Claw cells in Harrison City right now, so it could just be some moron smoking next to the pump.”


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