WN Inundated With Angry Letters About Opinion Piece

Hundreds of letters and emails have been pouring in from Waterbankers over the recent opinion piece by Kallie Krisp (link), which called for a restoration of Waterbank.

“It’s time we moved out from the basement,” said one Waterbank citizen at Pippen Hot, “and I’m not just saying that because I’ve had ten espressos. I mean it. We once were a name that brought fear and respect!”

“Confusion, more likely,” snarked a nearby patron wearing a t-shirt that read “East River Dude.”

The letters are addressed to Waterbank News, though the WBA says it too has received some. “They [the letters] say everything from start new to espousing conspiracy theories,” said a WBA spokesperson. “I will take this opportunity to state emphatically for a few people out there, that the WBA believes that Simon Forgier is dead and is not operating a hot dog cart in Harrison City.”


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