First Space Broadcast Caught By Waterbank University

Waterbank University has caught the first space transmission not conducted by anomaly, and it may mark the beginning of a new era.

“We used a new device that might surprise you. It was a happy accident – one day we were using a wavelength theramin next to the vending machine and we heard a transmission from Legion 13. I’m not sure what kind of magic Cynx put in there, but it gives soda and more,” explained a Waterbank University professor.

The transcript of the broadcast was this:

“LFSS Crixxus Departs 13th Legion Space on Unreleased Mission.

Legion Fleet Star Ship “Crixxus” Captained by Disciple Blue departed from Dantooine Orbit this Thursday giving only departure coordinates from all known 13th Legion held spaceports. Furthermore He only took a 3 fold skeleton crew implying minimal 13th presence at the destination he was heading to but enough to maintain shift work and travel 24/7 to who knows where?”

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