Construction at Dutch Harbor Reveals Tunnel Network


Recent construction at Dutch Harbor has revealed a tunnel network under the shopping complex with a number of surprises. Waterbank News sent their new intern into the tunnels to investigate.

“I don’t know why he keeps saying he’s expendable,” said the Editor in Chief, “dangerous assignments are our way of giving experience.”

More of the story and a photo of what was found in the tunnels after the jump —->

“I’m pretty sure they’re trying to kill me,” said our intern. “First they sent me to Tulagi on a freighter, then to see if I could swim with a Kraken, now this.”

In the tunnels a smugglers base was discovered, with a small fuel stash and the elusive Boss 275.

“I thought the smugglers might come and shoot me,” said the intern.


The intern also said that he found a laboratory of some kind that “scared me senseless.”

Historians have long suspected that the popular island and port was once a colonial citadel that changed ownership over the centuries. The tunnels may be part of an underground dungeon that was repurposed, according to a history professor at Waterbank University.


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