WBA Calls For ERPA Expansion, Lauds New Facility

A water map of East River and environs with ERPA in purple

The East River Port Authority has opened a new facility in Selby, and after a recent tour, WBA President Sketch Sun called for an immediate expansion of the agency.

Sketch Sun, seen at right in a mugshot taken for publicity was quick to talk about ERPA when he returned to the office.

“You should see the facility,” he told us, “state of the art with road and air access. It is a perfect headquarters to oversee and administer waterways. They do a great job on the East River and I think we should expand their role to neighboring waterways.”


“I agree completely,” the new Waterbank Sheriff told us at Pippen Hot. “Right now you’ve got East River PD landlocked on the roads, but let’s face it. This is a river and lake community. Let ERPD handle the towns, let VCG handle the heavy action on the seas, and let ERPA do everything else.”

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The new facility replaces the ERIA hangar that ERPA had before. “It centralizes their command and offers better security,” explained a WIA analyst. “East River Intercontinental Airport is a very secure place, but it’s also a target. If someone like the Claw attacks them you don’t want all of your security or safety agencies in one place. The move to Selby puts ERPA close enough to give direct support yet removed from any crisis happening.”

The new facility at Selby

  1. East River is not exactly a river and lake community only. We own land in Mowry, with Mowry Village facing sea. As a matter of fact, Mowry Village is the oldest community settlement. The whole community started from there.

  2. Thank you for your correction and input! We’ll let the Sheriff know 😉

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