Emergency Agencies Scramble for Numbers

From guest reporter, T:

With the NorPhone Telecommunication System spreading, many organizations are rushing to secure emergency 3-digit numbers and fighting on a first-come, first-serve basis. Several organizations including the Satori Highway Patrol, HCI’s SAR, police and fire sections and White Star Emergency Services, along with various local emergency services and SAR organizations, are attempting to start a pilot program to coordinate all emergency numbers connected to the Nautilus-Satori region. The idea is to have a super-continent wide system that first calls the nearest emergency services, followed by a back-up call center. Failing an answer at the call center, the plan is to have 911, 999 or 112 calls to dial every emergency service in the region to maximize response.

Initial results have been mixed, with numbers becoming difficult to secure and the lack of unified authority in the area proving cumbersome.

“It’s extremely difficult to locate all of these services. We hold several numbers and are putting systems into place but some agencies have clearly set up their 911 systems, but haven’t got it connected to anything more than one phone while taking up part of an entire continents emergency call system! With such a wide-spanning system, and no central authority, NTBI is understandably unable to allow us to secure these lines for the benefit of everyone and so it’s a purely voluntary, cooperative action from all those involved. Without working together, any one agency has an almost nil chance of a high call answer rate especially if they’re busy dealing with real emergencies.” said a representative from HCI. “If you either own land you would be willing to allow a small space for infrastructure on, or operate a three-digit NorPhone service in Gaeta, Corica, Nautilus, Blake Sea or Satori – Please, get in touch! We promise you this project will increase the likelihood of your organization receiving calls and also ensure organizations like the SLCG, VCG and private SAR groups can respond to an incident, or at least inform another, more local service, even if local authorities are unavailable. We also ask VCG, SLCG and any other SAR, Police, Fire or EMS groups to contact (931) 424-5000 or join secondlife:///app/group/ada4d218-e690-764e-edb1-f310e10e23a8/about – We welcome other organizations to come take the reigns provided all those who should have legitimate access, do.”

Perhaps if this pilot scheme comes to fruition, despite these first findings, we may well see the idea extended to other regions such as Sansara-Heterocera, perhaps even a near-global routing system for mainland phone emergencies.


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