City of Canton Mayoral Race Heats Up

The mayoral race in the City of Canton is heating up with four contenders for the office. The contenders, jeremiah xuanzang, hyeena Resident, Carson Capelo, and Takeo.Kanashimi, are each vying for control of one of the most powerful metropolis and each has sent private messages to influential political groups to sway votes.

“We’ve gotten cards from everyone, but only Jeremiah Xuanzang has sent us candy,” said the Editor in Chief of the Waterbank News. “If nobody tops that, we’ll throw in behind him.”

The WBA was above the matter. “We’ve received assurances from some of the candidates,” said Sketch Sun, “but we are a pro-business organization. We will give our endorsement only if there is a clear benefit to the economy and our business partners.”

The City of Canton is also running a concurrent council election with four candidates vying for those positions. Inara Indigo, Kahlen.Vaniva, amira Moore, and Micheal.Porterfield are each in the council election.


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