Canton Business Gets Massive Order From WBA – And Delivers!


Vamp Cakery, 1500B 40th Street (at 2nd Ave) in Canton City earned kudos from the Waterbank Restoration Committee yesterday when it ordered 170 cakes on short notice and received 171.

The political action group has been trying to bring back Waterbank as a complete civic identity and was hosting an event to attract the eccentric millionaire that purchased portions of Waterbank. “We found out that he really likes the lemon chiffon cake from Vamp Cakery, and so we put together an event with 100 lemon chiffons, 20 black chocolate cherries, 10 Marzipan Madnesses, and some assorted cakes,” said the Committee Chair. “Then we invited everyone we could, and he came! It wouldn’t have been possible without Vamp Cakes. They saved the day!”

Waterbank Restoration Committee said that there is still a long way to go before Waterbank is restored, but the millionaire is listening.


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