The Man That Saved the WSE

WBAticker An investor watches the new stock ticker at Pippen Hot Coffee.

The Waterbank Stock Exchange, which has had a number of technical difficulties, has been rescued by the innovation of Bizi Pfeffer. Creator and considered by many a genius, Pfeffer solved database and scripting problems inside the WSE and went further to develop a stock ticker utilizing Gentek’s Infocenter (link).

“He single-handedly saved the WSE,” gushed WBA President Sketch Sun, “after one of the volunteers tried to cook a frozen pizza on the server. He’s a very generous person. He’s donated a prototype plug in for the Infocenter so that people can see the WSE feed. We’re organizing a parade in his honor.”

Those interested in the WSE feed plug in should contact the WBA. No word yet on the date of the parade.

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