Niosaki Honcha Shows Up In ERIA Lounge


A retirement party for an East River Public Works employee was shocked when Clara Niosaki, the head of Niosaki Systems that had been presumed dead after an abduction by the Claw, walked out of the women’s restroom in the ERIA lounge, holding an empty bottle of whiskey.

“I never even saw her come in,” the bartender said to us, “and I don’t know how she had that bottle of Este Rio’.”

The sudden and unexplained appearance of Clara sent a wave of rumors through the airport, which temporarily stopped flights. “It’s our policy to halt operations if a major event is underway. This qualifies,” said the Airport Manager. Police locked the airport down and a hazmat team was on standby as Clara took a bar stool and asked for snacks.

She refused to answer questions about what had happened to her, saying only “what happens on the high seas, stays on the high seas.”

Many are now speculating that her sudden appearance, along with the bottle of Este Rio’ whiskey (currently valued at 2,000L per bottle) is proof that the elite of East River have tunnels throughout East River. “How else can you explain them being everywhere at once?” Said one reporter.


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