NBS and Gentek Telecom Release Breakthrough Product

Advertising from NBS that customers agree with, according to a recent poll.

NBS and Gentek Telecom have released a breakthrough product that is likely to change the way people do business. The NorPhone, which comes in a variety of models from free payphones to enterprise versions is a fully supported, grid wide, and personalized communication tool.

“It’s incredible,” gushed WBA President Sketch Sun, “I bought one for the office and I’m already getting calls!”

NorPhone is the first joint product of NBS and Gentek Telecom and already has shaken the communication market.

Interested parties can see more or purchase at this link: North Bridge Systems (link).

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  1. Sylvia Tamalyn of the East River Community is about to contact NBS and Gentek to discuss the possibility to have an area code issued for our community.

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