Transit Proposal Makes ER Council Whimper, Interests Industry

TransitER Another ambitious plan was submitted to the East River Council this week, making several council members audibly whimper.

“There’s nothing wrong with the ER transit system,” groaned one member in the ERIA cocktail lounge. “Why does Grace Development constantly harass us?”

An air traffic controller next to the council member at the bar moaned his assent. “They came by the field (Munck Field, AKA East River Municipal Airport, Brooks (link)) last week. We were lucky that they liked our subway stop. They’ve been trying to add in a GridHound stop for years.”


The plan calls for new line designations along the existing trackway as well as two extensions for the high capacity East River Intercontinental Airport (including a separate stop for Terminal 2). The rerouting would require revamping of several stations along the lines, as well as the construction of a “grand terminal” in Pippen.

Grace Development Agency has forwarded the plan as a way to tighten various communities along the river, and has a “separate proposal in the works for freight.”

East River council member was overheard saying “oh god, not another one!”

ERtransitMap The current system has the artist community of Helvellyn as its center.

  1. Hi there… just for precision, the governing body of the ER is the Steering Committee.

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