Dani Loses in Waterbank Court, Appeals Verdict

Dani Airplanes, the aircraft manufacturer that has been long accused of theft and inappropriate business practices has lost its case in Waterbank Court. Case DAN-00045L brought the charges of Gross Corporate Misconduct, Grand Theft, and breaches of the Waterbank Intellectual Property Code against the manufacturer. In the case argued by a team of high powered defense lawyers, the prosecution prevailed, proving that key designs of aircraft were in fact from other sources. Testimony from tens of independent experts, manufacturers, and game companies were, according to one reporter “damning.”

The case was appealed soon after the verdict, which delays the full prosecution of the company. “Waterbank has already seized company assets inside Waterbank and is holding it as evidence,” said the Waterbank District Attorney. “The WSDF is waiting for the verdict to pass before using the assets as target practice, but we’re all hopeful.”


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