Maritime Agencies Push For Mid-Size Vessels

Maritime agencies are pushing for mid size vessels according to a recent WBA report.
Agencies such as coast guards, port authorities, and commercial interests have all been asking for larger vessels and moving away from smaller craft. “The market is full of small craft,” explained the author of the report at the WBA. “This report outlines several causes for the agencies and who’s rising to meet the need.”

SpijCutter Craft such as Spijker and Wingtips new cutter have been more popular.

The causes listed in the report include new technology, a need for more space, and the need to increase the range of the vessels.

“Longer, better, and reach those hard to reach places,” said Boating On Us magazine’s editor, who could have been talking about toothbrushes at the time.

WBA President Sketch Sun weighed in after patting the author of the report on the back. “It’s one of several exciting emerging markets, and we already have some big boat makers that could fill the niche. Feral, Bandit, and some others have projects in the works – and hopefully soon.”


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