City of Canton Opens To Public

The City of Canton has opened to the public and has seen record numbers of people coming in. Waterbank News has sent a reporter to the city for a first hand look around. Her first report is below.


Readers, I’m here in the City of Canton (link), and being one of the more civilized destinations in the world, there’s a coffee shop (The Daily Grind) within 10 steps. I asked some of the locals about life in Canton over a cappuccino.

“It’s all good,” said one beanie wearing man of thirty. “but ya gotta love action, cuz this city’s got a lot happening.”

“He makes it sound dangerous,” interrupted another customer. “It’s not. It’s city life at it’s best. You have everything here, and it’s beautiful.”

I had to agree and stepped out onto 49th Street. This is the area they call the Tenderloin, and it already has a reputation for making the loins tender.


Yet when I went out, I didn’t see the crime I had heard about. I only saw Canton Police taking care of a driver, warning them about a a manhole cover sent up by an excess of steam.

“People have to come here to know,” another resident told me, “you have to walk around to see the amazing city.”

From Canton, this is the first report,

Kallie Krisp


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