Dutch Harbor Entertains Unusual Request


Dutch Harbor, the shopping and boating center of the Blake Sea area is entertaining an unusual request. “It’s not the first time the suggestion box was stuffed with this one,” explained one of the Dutch Harbor office staff. “We get this from time to time.”

The request, most likely sparked by the new Sepph building, calls for the construction of a small hotel or inn on the island for tired shoppers. We asked some shoppers what they thought.

“Oh, I believe it,” said one shopper leaving Sepph with more bags than she could carry. “You spend a lot of time sailing here, then you shop like crazy, look at the classic ships, spend a little time at the Shadow Club and you are ready for a nap. A real bed would be nice.”
“And so would a mimosa,” exclaimed her friend. “I think a little inn is a lovely idea!”


Dutch Harbor (link at right) currently has a fleet of boats for sale, and several remarkable restorations of classic vessels. Open to the public and with plenty to do, Dutch Harbor has become a destination unto itself, even for people who aren’t boaters.

“I fly in about once a week,” admitted a Waterbank Bank branch manager, “and I can’t swim. I just like to see everything. Did you know that they have one of the few functioning boat locks in the world there?”

Dutch Harbor can be found at right in the links.


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