Astaro Tredpro Creates Prefab Victorian Home


Customers at the Prototype NTBI Mall were happily surprised by an unexpected release from Astaro-Tredpro, the Tredpro Richland Home, a “Victorian styled 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house with multiple floors and an attic.”

This is the second home that Tredpro-Astaro has created, both of which surprised consumers, who are more familiar with the high quality vehicles they produce.

“Astaro can do it all,” explained WBA President Sketch Sun, “you never what to expect from them. The only thing you can expect is high quality.”


Customers in Prototype (link at right) are already raving about the low prim footprint an spacious accommodations. “It could work as a home and an office,” said one customer. Another customer was already trying to place furniture in the showroom. “This home is perfect for a family.”


A prospective buyer looks out from the home’s balcony to nearby Rodex Diner.

Interested home owners should visit the showroom in Prototype (link at right) or purchase at the Marketplace (link).

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