Is the Blake Pilot actually Captain Wallaby?

KittyH2 After a passport check at Hollywood Airport, questions about the real identity of the Blake Pilot have arisen, causing some people to wonder whether the adventurer-pilot is actually Captain Wallaby.

According to fans, there is a resemblance between the two, and when an aggressive customs agent saw something unusual in the Blake Pilot’s passport, he hit the alarm.

“It was just ketchup,” said the Blake Pilot from a holding cell at Hollywood Airport. “I eat while I fly, that’s all.”

Customs has claimed that the passport may be fake and has sent it to a lab for verification. “Yeah, we saws tha ketchup, but then the photo popped off. Looks like he used chewing gum to keep it on,” said the Hollywood Airport spokesperson.

The Blake Pilot has been detained until the matter is settled.

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