Niosaki and Feral Honchos Kidnapped!

East River Police are reporting that Chia of Feral Marine and Clara Niosaki of Niosaki Systems were abducted from a “production retreat” last week. The news was only released today for fear of their companies, both of which are in a delicate financial situation.

“They both are invested heavily at the moment,” explained WBA President Sketch Sun, “and don’t have the financial wiggle-room to deal with black-clad pirates from the Claw.”

East River Police have refused to give details on the assailants, yet witnesses say that it was definitely the Claw. “Ya can’na miss da red talon o’ death flyin'” explained one thickly East River accented dock worker who saw it happen. “Dey be shoutin’ too. ‘Claw, Claw, Claw! Claw’s da law, put that in ya craw!'”

According to reports, the Claw took the two into a large submersible vessel and went into the Sea of Fables.

East River Police, East River Port Authority, and the VCG are conducting a wide scale search for the two and ask for anyone who knows anything to come forward.


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