Opinion: WBA Builds Wall to Separate From WN

We at Waterbank News have been under duress since the WBA constructed a wall separating our office from theirs. Sure, you could argue that the behavior of our reporters is unorthodox, but sheep are sheep, no matter how black their fur.

Of course it’s not just the tables and furniture we miss, but our comfy chair. Yes, we did fight over who gets to sit in it at every opportunity, and yes there may have been some unsavory things done on it, but to the WBA its just a chair. For us, it’s a bit of home.

We’re on the road most of our lives, traveling the world looking for stories and trying to find sources when most people want to keep their secrets. Do you know how difficult it is to get a quote from Mr. Szymborska, or try to find Rez Grey? We like to sit.

As I look at our tape recorder on the floor of our new Pippen office, and the slot machine that ERPA still wants to confiscate, I remember all the good times we had in the old combined office. Yogurt fights, stealing food from the mini fridge, hiding Sketch Sun’s stapler. We’ll miss you, WBA, and your chair. Think of us from time to time, while you are trying to ignore our faces pressed against the glass.


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