Waterbank News Closed By ERPA!


A new twist in the ongoing battle between ERPA and the Waterbank News has escalated with the closure of the Waterbank News office in Pippen (link). ERPA claims that WN has committed acts of piracy and is investigating the matter.

“It’s ridiculous!” Exclaimed one reporter who seemed to be enjoying the time off. “The only thing I steal is hearts, baby!”

Others took the matter more seriously. WBA President Sketch Sun said he would be working in Prototype until the matter was settled. “We share an office with the Waterbank News, and frankly I have the feeling that they have been hiding behind us. I’m sure ERPA wanted to close them earlier but waited out of respect for us.” Asked whether he thought Waterbank News were pirates, Sun said “I want my stapler back.”

For now the Waterbank News has gone guerilla and is publishing from an undisclosed location.


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