ERPA Chief Has Coffee With WN

FaceofERPA Last week we saw Ariana Blackheart, the Commanding Officer of the East River Port Authority, at Pippen Hot and asked her if we could ask some questions. She agreed…

WN: Mind if we ask you some questions?
Ariana Blackheart: Only one catch. You gotta buy the coffee.
WN: I’ll buy the cheapest coffee and most expensive scone! So, is it true that ERPA wants to take over the world?
No (shaking her head emphatically).
WN: That’s too bad. I was looking forward to your management. East River runs smoothly.
Well, thank you. But we do have our hands full with just keeping the waterways safe.
WN: What are the biggest challenges for the ERPA? Some people say it’s the crab population and the sea snake, but there have been some instances of piracy too…

More of the interview after the jump:

Honestly as far as the crab population goes I like mine boiled with a bit of lemon and butter, and the sea snake… We have seen no evidence of such in the waterways of the East River. As far as piracy goes we’ve had no such reports of Piracy. More just like kids playing hide the boats. For the most part the East River is full of great people who pretty much police themselves so we have really seen very little evidence of anything wrong. But we are always watching.
WN: Do you have plans to buy more equipment? (WN believes this may indicate ERPA’s intentions)
Feral Marine, whom we have an exclusive contract to provide all of our patrol boats, always has something in the works.
WN: It’s a cozy relationship.
Chia is a good friend and we work closely together on the needs of the ERPA.
All our communications are provided by GridTalkie. Uniforms are going to be provided by a private company that I can not disclose at the present and we do operate two land based vehicles for ground response by SZYM Motors and we utilize 1 S&W JH-60 Jayhawk.
WN: Do you know about new developments on the river?
I really have not got any idea on new developments on the River itself until after they are done.
WN: We’d like to see more traffic here.
I’d love to see boats all day everyday on the East river it is such a wonderful and scenic place. We also cover Cowry so we do have a pretty large area we have to handle.
WN: Some people have critiqued the East River as having too few docks and ports – what do you think?
Depends on the type of Docks and ports. If they want personal and private docking then I don’t know as for commercial let’s face it a lot of the East River goods come through ERIA.
WN: Feral is currently constructing some larger boats and a Huey. Will ERPA be buying them?

Time will tell I mean if we have a need for such then yes we will get them.
WN: A tour group in the Sea of Fables told us they were accosted by what they thought were organized criminals. What can ERPA do to keep out organized crime?

The Sea of fables is not actually in our area to deal with that would better be directed to the VCG but as far as keeping them out of the ERC that’s where vigilance and patrols and being seen comes in handy if we are around enough and make a general nuisance of ourselves to Criminal they tend not to come around anymore. So far the ERC has been great at reporting crimes to us and we would love that continue. This community is great and we feel like we are a real part of it and a wonderful addition.
WN: You absolutely are. Thank you for your work 🙂
Next time we will have to talk about this Gambling machine you have in the office.
WN was afraid to say anything…
And I would Also like to schedule an inspection of the Waterbank Airlines aircraft. If it flies in my Jurisdiction I want to make sure it’s safe.
WN (trying to leave quickly): Thank you for your time!
Have a good day.


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