Questions Arise About Pippen Construction


Questions are being raised about Pippen construction after the discovery of a series of pencil drawings at the construction site.

“I can’t tell if they’re Chia’s,” explained the boy that found the papers while delivering a pizza. “It looks like it’s a totally different design than what they’re building now.”

The drawings show a rerouting of the dock road and an internal dry dock that can lower a new ship into the water. The design is very different from the design currently under construction causing locals to wonder if the contractors are off track or if Chia is doing something different.

“She’s incredibly busy,” defended WBA President Sketch Sun. “If she has a million things to do, it’s a good day. So if you are asking me if it’s possible that in her absence a construction crew, partly made up of flunkies from Waterbank Construction, took artistic liberties with her design, I would say, ‘yes, it’s possible.'”


The construction crew itself isn’t talking, hiding behind NDAs that they had to sign and denying that they are doing anything different than what they were told to do.

Locals are increasingly doubtful about the construction and wonder what will happen.

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