SLVE, A Landing Strip for Explorers


On a remote airstrip where the runway has more grass than dirt, SOCL has been working with a local expedition and safari company. Far away from prying eyes and in a part of the world sometimes referred to as “the place sheep go for vacation,” SOCL has been quietly charting land and looking for something.

“I’m not saying,” said a man working at the TBM pump on the field. “Especially to no reporter.”

The silence is not unusual to SOCL operations, which are often so secretive that the public never finds out. Yet at Veld Expeditions Airstrip, Goodnight (SLVE), airport owner Bunny Foster has an airport that is welcoming. A small bungalow offers free coffee and there is a small vendor selling a bush plane by carollynn85 (link).

We spoke to carollynn85 about her craft which has been seen flying with SOCL teams. “It’s a 100% original and handmade. Even the pinions in the tail are all me.” She is also an airstrip owner, with 23 airports connected by a federation of 34 upstanding airports that refuse to accept disreputable aircraft.

In the end we were not able to find out what SOCL is doing at Veld, but we did meet some interesting people and find out why sheep would be so happy in that area. Beautiful grass.


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