ERPA Adds Air Patrols

ERPA-ERIAERPA’s hangar at East River Intercontinental Airport.

The East River Port Authority has added air patrols to their responsibilities, causing some East River residents to wonder what ERPA Chief Ariana Blackheart has in mind. The addition of air patrols means an expansion of authority, and some say their area goes beyond coastal areas.

ERPA has acted as a police force on the extensive waterways of East River, but in addition to keeping law and order on the river, it has a “centralized office for signals and buoys for the East River Community members (the ERC as a Federation of groups).”

“Citizens of the East River know that the without ERPA it would be a lawless river. Nobody wants another Bay Cities here,” said WBA President Sketch Sun, referring to the crime riddled Bay Cities metro.

  1. Uh? What?!? The East River Steering Committee dissents with any unwarranted comparison with the Bay City community. We renew our appreciation for Bay City and have no intention of creating a diplomatic incident caused by offhand declarations expressed by officials of a non-governative organization.

  2. SLNN News 9 said:

    WBA President Sketch Sun was speaking for the WBA and not East River. We at Waterbank News and SLNN News 9 apologize for any confusion.

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