SOCL Scientist Collapses

SHIVAdisplay The display that started it all in Insilico.

A SOCL scientist collapsed in Stellar System’s Insilico Store (link) today, resulting in an hour of mockery and laughter by alien races.

“I was admiring the rotating Shiva display, and the part I was interested in was just turning and turning… It must have put me in a hypnotic state” explained the embarrassed scientist.

Alien races, who were also shopping at Stellar, snorted with derision when they saw the human collapse.

“One of them made some kind of comment that the others thought was highly entertaining. One them shot out phlegm from his tentacle he laughed so hard. It was humiliating.” Said the scientist’s companion.

The scientist was treated using the MediCloud device at the store by store personnel and told not stick to the wall displays which didn’t move.

SOCL has refused to comment on the incident that was reported over WTRK radio this morning.

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