BoholStrait A picture of the Bohol Strait (link), where the the escape was made.

East River Police arrested a Niosaki Systems employee in connection with events that transpired on Halloween. A stolen Feral Marine Sub prototype sank in what was later revealed to be Clara Niosaki’s escape plan from the Claw.

It all started a couple weeks ago, when a trailer carrying a top secret Feral Sub prototype was hijacked enroute from the Feral Marine prototype shipyards to an undisclosed Niosaki Systems compound. Meanwhile, Clara Niosaki, the wealthy Niosaki Systems Founder, CEO and CTO, was being abducted from her home. “This was a well coordinated operation carried out with military precision” Said a special investigator from the ERPD.

In an exclusive interview with Waterbank News, Miss Niosaki stated “Apparently, the kidnappers wanted me to adapt the prototype for their business, adding Military-Grade stealth technology and master-piece navigation systems, I couldn’t help but think they could have just wait a few days and gotten it from their local retailer. Niosaki Systems was contracted by Feral Marine to install those systems anyway..”

“Needless to say -continued the attractive Executive- I did as asked. However, I programmed the Submarine to navigate directly home as soon as the smugglers put it into the water, where it would then open all the hatches and sink.”

Elements from the nearby VCG Station pursued the smugglers, but unfortunately they were picked up by a Whaler and sped down the East River, vanishing past Bohol Strait.

The VCG is currently working with Feral Marine Engineers to salvage the prototype sub. “We expect to have this sub off the bottom and back into dry dock in a few days. This episode has set us back quite a few weeks as now we are going to have to fix all the damage caused to the hull.” Said the Feral Marine salvage team leader.

An internal inquiry conducted by Niosaki Systems Chief Financial Officer, Kishiko Yamamura, found that a certain NS employee had received payments from several offshore accounts. This led Miss Yamamura directly to the Claw’s informant. Immediately the ERPD was called in to arrest the suspect.

“Besides his arrest for leaking privileged information, the fact that this person was unable to perform the simplest tasks he should be able to do blindfolded, such as hiding offshore payments, was a key element in the termination of his contract with us. He is no longer a part of Niosaki Systems.” said Kishiko Yamamura.

Miss Yamamura is confident that these events will not affect neither Niosaki Systems nor Feral Marine shares, as both companies announced new products that will rocket their estimated ROI.


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