THI / Amok Send Out Upgrade Info on Classic Warbirds

Guadal This picture is of Guadalcanal (link), based on the Solomon Islands campaign of WW2. It currently is the only place on the grid (anomaly travel) suitable for full naval combat. It has over 40 open rez ocean sims as combat zones for planes tanks and infantry.

THI and Amok have sent out a newsletter with upgrades and information for the owners of their newest classic warbirds.

See the original text after the jump:

“First off i’d like to thank you all for the feedback and response to the new flight core. I hope you understand, that i see it as a constant work in progress, on which i improve upon with each release and iteration, fixing and adjust things on the way as we all fly them wonderful classic machines for leisure or for combat!
Right now i really enjoy working with these warbirds, it feels so more satisfying than jets, as they have a simplistic, yet appealing elegance to them.

After a rather bumpy start i started to chisel out most kinks, but i am not done yet!

The next iteration, which will soon enter testing and is already deployed in the forthcoming KI-61 family will include the following things:

– Vastly improved stall mechanics, less on rails, recoverable depending on attitude and altitude you enter the stall or spin.

– Big improvements in the speed, bleedoff and acceleration managment. it should now feel a lot more smoother.

– Adding the safe mode, so you can enjoy the aircraft outside the combat without those pesky, crashes, stalls and anything else adding to realism, while retaining the flight dynamics.

– I also improved on the MCE API, which will roll out soon as well. I added a filter in the damage detection that will filter out own explosions and other damages, so you won’t get damaged by own rounds on sim crossings anymore. No matter your team selection!*

– Additionally i improved on the collision filter. Airplanes that collide with each other would not blow up any longer.

– Last not least: loads of small bug fixes, for your enjoyment.

But this is not yet everything

Looking into the future i want to improve on the following things:

– using the brakes at too high speeds might flip you over or make your nose wheel collapse!
– Completely dynamic flaps, that can be set to any degree number, with completely dynamic behavior.
– Engine heat management and radiator/cowling flap management.

Those features did got requested, but let me know what you think!

And to add another glimpse: These are the warbirds that are coming up in the not so distant future:
– Ki-61 Hien family, including the KI-61 II KAIb and the KI-100
– Ki-43 Hayabusa family. Versions are TBA
– DH.98 Mosquito family, including the B MKIV Series 2, F MK II, FB MK XVIII (with 6 pounder in the belly) and the TR MK 33 Sea Mosquito.

Lastly: Some people been asking where there is WWII dogfighting with MCE happening.
I hang around mostly at Guadalcanal these days and around 4 AM SLT there is usually a very active group of Japanese playing, which are all really nice folks.
But also around the clock, there are often people there or in the neighboring Jeogeot Gulf, up for a fight.

You all have a good time and enjoy your weekend!


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