Feral Marine New Operations, Consolidates ERS Into New Manufacturing Corridor


Feral Marine is expanding again, this time into new areas of production and into the air. For the first time the boat maker will move into the manufacturing of aeronautics, and commit itself completely to manufacturing.

“The new plant, the purchase of East River Steel, and the plans submitted for accreditation to the WBA all say the same thing,” said a professor of business at Waterbank University. “They are building a new industry corridor on East River, with Feral at the heart of it.”


The new manufacturing plant is a block long, positioned between the hospital and the entrance to the East River Intercontinental Airport. It is expected to house a number of new projects as well as act as a showcase for prospective buyers. Interestingly, though the building is far from finished, two executive offices have been completed, making some investors wonder.

“Everyone wants to know what’s going on with Niosaki and Feral. Are they in cahoots? Fighting each other? Don’t care at all? We just don’t know,” said an analyst at Hakuso Investments.

Feral Marine hasn’t offered information on what exactly is happening, but they offered a press report and this public service announcement to the people of Pippen. “Feral Marine has seen it necessary to build a massive, state of the art, manufacturing plant. While this plant is under construction please use caution around the ERB. Even though we are right next to a hospital please wear your hardhats at all times while inside the new production facility.”

A press release from Feral Marine is after the jump:


After a uptrend in boat sales and with Feral’s entry into the aviation sector it has come time to expand our manufacturing operations.

Feral Marine has always been proud of our products being manufactured to the highest quality standards right here in the East River Community. Each and every boat we have made has been hand made here in the East River and tested in the waters right outside of the east river in the Sea of Fables. To this end Feral Marine has started building a brand new, state of the art, manufacturing facility. Feral Marine has contracted East River Steel (A company only recently purchased by Feral Marine see press release 2) to erect the steel for the new building. To make room for this new facility we have demolished parts of the main office building. The main offices will be incorporated into the manufacturing building on the top floor. This will assist our management staff in keeping a close eye on our manufacturing processes. With this new facility there will be a new hiring push to fill out the new slots we have coming open. Feral Marine is expecting to create an additional 200 jobs. Currently, Feral Marine is planning on manufacturing our brand new line of aircraft at this new plant. Niosaki Systems has been awarded the contract for the welding robots in the plant as well as the back end data systems.


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