Is This Waterbank’s Most Wanted?

BeaverMW This luxurious home might be where Wallaby is hiding in Beaverdale, according to the WPD.

Waterbank Police believe that one of Waterbank’s Most Wanted may be hiding out in Beaverdale, and hiding out in style. Known to Waterbank as Captain Wallaby, the former SOCL explorer turned rogue who last effected an escape by slipping away from police in a crowd of female fans.

“He’s a charming sob, that’s for sure,” said an officer at the WPD. “We’d love to put him in Grunion Correctional, but there’s no extradition arrangement with Beaverdale. As long as he’s there we can’t touch him.”

The WPD has uncovered recent evidence that the former Amazon explorer (link to previous stories) was seen driving a truck like the one in the picture and may have commissioned a statue of horses.

“Oh, he’s such a man of passion,” said the press secretary for Wallaby’s Wenches, a local fan group for the explorer. “He loves long walks on the beaches, salt water taffy, and horses. I hope they never catch him!”


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