Feral Marine Acquires East River Steel

EASTRIVERfog An uncommon fog rolls down East River where East River Steel and Feral Marine are based.

Feral Marine, the prolific vehicle manufacturer, has acquired East River Steel in a purchase that has shocked shareholders and East River insiders.

“No one expected it,” said a trader at the WSE, “and no one knows if this is part of a larger power play.”

Stock price for Feral Marine (FM) rose above Niosaki (NIOS) for the first time today, and some traders at Hakuso are saying that a the two East River giants are trying to outdo each other.

“I think the best thing for investors to do is to wait a day or so,” said WBA President Sketch Sun. “Don’t panic and wait for the dust to settle. I’m sure we’ll see some positive changes after a big move like this.”

Feral Marine press release after the jump:

“Feral Marine uses many suppliers like Niosaki Systems to supply the parts and materials for our products. To reduce costs and to bring as much as possible under one roof and make Feral Marine more of a stand alone company. We have decided to purchase East River Steel. Feral Marine is not going to cut any jobs at ERS. In fact we are planning on hiring more to support Feral’s entrance into the aviation market. Effective immediately ERS will be relocating it’s offices to the East River Borough.”


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