Niosaki Systems Takes on Future

ClaraNiosaki Clara Niosaki, owner and founder of Niosaki Systems looks over the East River and the Pippen Docks where she has been testing her latest systems.

On the East River, below the artist community of Helvelyn and above the mouth of the river leading to the Sea of Fables, is the specially designed dock of Pippen. Standing on top of that dock is Clara Niosaki, one of the two giants that have come to dominate the East River economy and shape what the WBA is calling “the business sector of the future.”

Clara Niosaki and her company, Niosaki Systems (NIOS), have energized the East River by offering internal operating systems for a wide range of products. “They do a great many things behind the scenes,” explained WBA President Sketch Sun, “such as the Air Traffic Control system for East River International Airport. You can’t see it, but you can bet you’re glad it’s there. When a Unity Airlines flight nearly collided with an unscheduled HCI flight, two weeks ago, it was the ERIA ATC that guided the aircraft safely. It wouldn’t have been possible with Niosaki.”

Yet the thing that Niosaki Systems is most known for is the partnership with Feral Marine, the prolific vehicle manufacturer on the Pippen Docks. “Our systems are inside most of the Feral craft,” a Niosaki tech told us at Pippen Hot Cafe, “which is why customers are so happy. Here you have this amazing crafted boat, and it’s got an engine and internal control system to match. Everyone wants that.”

Clara Niosaki herself is humble about what her company does. “We do a lot of things, it’s true. I’m excited about new partnerships and new challenges,” she told us on a MLB being installed with Niosaki controls.

“The future is looking very bright with Niosaki,” President Sun told us. “Sitting in the Pippen Docks are three amazing projects that Niosaki teams are working on right now. There’s the MLB which is due for testing, the “Cat Cutter,” a massive coast guard cutter with air/launch capability, and the highly anticipated Tempest. With Feral and Niosaki working together, I think there are no limits.”


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