Amok Dynamics Updates P-80

Amok Dynamics has updated hardware for its recreation of the P-80 Shooting Star, with enthusiastic approval from several collectors at Fletcher Airfield.

“I can’t wait to get her up and rolling again!” Exclaimed one pilot.

Change log after jump:


– Added VOR/DME routine.

– Added dynamic bank altitude loss.

– fixed ammo counters in floating text

– fixed ordnance floating text

– Added HUD Health display

– Fixed HUD Reticle

– Fixed Sound issue with flaps and gear sounds cutting each other out

– Foxed Sound issue in which a hit would disrupt the engine sound

– Sharked the gun issue ‘could not find flash’ flash removed and replaced, less scripts.

– Added rudder control routine

– changed readme notecard accordingly (read it for the functionalities of the new items)

– fixed flameout engine restart

Yours sincerly. Mr. Shark/ Mr. Igor “I break your bones like tvig!” Lumberjack.


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