Unregulated Honah Worries WIA


The Waterbank Intelligence Agency (WIA) is worried about Honah Airfield in the Blake Sea, claiming that it is “an unpoliced stopping point for every sand trading, contraband touting, steal your fuzzy slippers off you while you sleep pilot that’s out there.”

The major island hub has an airport rating higher than is usually awarded for a runway its size, and often wins awards for it’s management. “They just ease traffic, and don’t get in the way,” explained a spokesperson for the WAA. “For the Blake Sea, that’s what you want. Easy landing, easy take off. That kind of management isn’t right for your mega airports like ERIA, but perfect for that area.”

Asked about the criticism WIA gave the hub, the WAA replied “The only criticism I would give is that the diner needs better desserts. WIA just sounds like they flew the wrong airline.”

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